Launching RV from command line with some Overlay text per sources

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been answered before but I can’t find the way to do it.

I’m launching RV via a subprocess with its command line followed by the options / sources.
- Is there any way to setup RVOverlay node within the command line ?
- If not, I suppose I’ll have to create a .rv session file. What is the best way/best practice to dynamically create a .rv file via python?

If I go for the later, I guess I’ll have to create an .rv file in the temp directory and inject any custom modifiers. Is it as “brut force” as creating the .rv text file line by line within the correct node formatting?


Does this help?

Ricardo, thanks for your answer.

Because I’m launching rv in a subprocess (basically from a Nuke menu) I think it’s easier for me to just write out a temp .rv .
And actually I’m just reading that it is a proposed method from the reference manual…


6.9 What’s the Best Way to Write a .rv (GTO) File?

GTO comes in three types: text (UTF8 or ASCII), binary, and compressed binary. […] We recommend you write out .rv session files from RV and look at them in an editor to generate templates of the portions that are important to you. You can copy and paste parts of session files into source code as strings or even shell scripts as templates with variable substitution.

I’ll head that direction. Though, I wasn’t familiar with the python rv module and functions, that makes sense to customize the session once RV is running. I’ll keep that until next time!


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