Launch Review Notes in app - email thumbnail

Is there a way to get the thumbnail to generate in the email ?

as opposed to image name and link.

I’d suspect this is by-design for security purposes.
Embedding the image in an email puts it outside SG and allows anyone to see or forward it, when from a security perspective, only people with permissions to log into SG and a particular project should have access to this image

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Indeed, also ShotGrid uses pre-signed AWS S3 urls to share media meaning that the lifetime of the url would only be 10 minutes, after that the url to the image is invalid.

I think it would be nice to have the option to display images in emails and have this as a per project setting so the user/admin can asses the risk of having a static image in an email.

thanks for the response - I was hoping that was not the case and that there would be an option. it’s good to have dreams . .

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agreed. thanks . . suppose there are worst things in life

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