SG file url changing

Hi evryone,

I have a question about the entity file.
File entity url is changing along time.
When I use this url in a note whith the markdown method,
attachment, the link is lost even if I used the attach Url from the SG UI inside Note.

Maybe it’s not a correct way to work.
The basic idea is to have the visual attachment link to correct thread.

If you have any idea.

Best regards.


urls that ShotGrid generates are presigned urls for AWS S3 and they expire in about 10 minutes.
This is for security reasons.

I am not sur eI understand what workflow you are looking for, maybe you can explain it broader or provide screenshots?


The link is broken after 10 minutes using this method

I was wondering if a local storage could be better

Why not copy the image into the note?

Because when a note is already created with multiple reply you can not attach an image to an older thread. The basic idea is to have the description followed by image for each thread. It a production constraint, and i understand you idea for me it’s the right workflow but it’s not a way of work for everybody.

Still not sure I understand, what do you mean by older thread?

When you reply to a note, you can attach an image.
But if I want to edit my thread create the 5 january, I can’t attach an idead.
I can’t attach an image and link the attach file to this thread

Yes, this is not possible in the web UI, I think its possible via the API.
In the Web UI you would reply and attach the image that way.

In my case, when I want to show attachments, I write the following.


However, I am not sure if this way of writing is correct.

Thanks Kazuma it’s works with the dynamic link but their is no display on the image in the node.

Anyway, I gonna continue working around

Thanks you so much for your time

Best Regards Mathieu