Launch Apps from Selected Notes

Hey everyone,

Is there any limitation to launching a tk app from a note entity?

We’re trying to build a small app that does some action based on the selected notes. I’ve installed the tk-multi-starterapp in the tk-shotgun and set the pick_environment to grab the note.yml env file, but no luck :sob:

This is what I set in the pick_environment hook:

        if context.source_entity:
            if context.source_entity["type"] == "Note":
                return "note"

This is the same exact set up for publishedfile or asset_step, nothing complicated.
I’m not seeing any error anywhere, not in tk-desktop nor in the tk-shotgun

Not sure if I missed something very simple and obvious or this is just not supported, which would be very odd :thinking:

Has anyone installed a tk-app on the note entity?

Appreciate any help in advance.

Have you added some logging to your hook to determine if the code is actually executed?

Yeah I did. It is executing correctly and it’s loading the note.yml but the menu is loading loading at on the Note context.

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Hey Ali!

Try duplicating your note.yml and saving it as shotgun_note.yml.

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