Latest tk-core release breaks Python 2 compatibility


For whatever weird reason I could not submit this to the Autodesk support, so I will leave that here:

We are using SGTK and I realised that the latest tk-core release in GitHub breaks Python 2 compatibility. I narrowed down the issue to this Pull Request:

Or be more specific:

These lines are the issue. the “list.copy” method was only introduced in Python 3.3.
Unfortunately the automated tests did not catch that since they only run against python 3.7 and 3.9 .

Hope this gets fixed soon, so we can update again :). Let me know if you need more information.


I would note though that Python 2 has now been deprecated for quite some time and is no longer officially supported since January 1st 2020 so you really should put some effort in upgrading to make sure you are not caught out again soon!

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True @Ricardo_Musch and if I it was for me I would have upgraded 10 years ago, but live gets in the way in many different ways. And since SGTK is still claiming to officially support python 2 (albeit not for all apps) I think I can hold them accountable for it.

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Haha in that case, indeed! :wink:

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Thanks ShotGrid Team, for the swift fix on this: