'Latest' option for published files, similar to versions?


We’re using published files to transport data between artists and departments. This makes it very useful to have an automatic filter that shows only the latest publishes with a certain status in a certain group. The versions page has a ‘latest’ feature, can we get that for published files too?



Hey @Hristo_Velev,

Yes, I agree, and it’s been on our radar for a while;

It wouldn’t hurt to add your use case to our productboard as when the option to add features to the webUI is available, the more requests means this one is nearer to the top of the pile.

You can add your request here (https://www.shotgunsoftware.com/roadmap/) with the “Submit Idea” button.



Thanks @DavidMason, submitted


I tried to find the equivalent request in the roadmap, but I couldn’t. I would like to also reinforce this request. It’s something our artists always ask about.


This would be very helpful.

Any news about this request?

Is this feature still on the map ? Would interest me too


Hi all, this was just released today :partying_face:


Thanks SG team for this, very welcome addition, and the version stream/grouping is exactly what we need (for most files) ! Many a prod team will be happy with this news.

As for feedback and future considerations, there are more advanced use cases however where we rely on a custom multi entity field in addition to the default entity, task, and published_file_type to give additional resolution on a version group, if I were to ask for any improvements it would be to consider making these hardcoded checkbox filters for Version/PublishedFile entities configurable per site and open it up to handle hashing multi-entity fields.