Such a mapping of various entities is desirable.

Select the type of entity to display.
Sequential selection of valid values for the selected parameter sets the number and order of columns from left to right.
Add drag and drop of entity instances between columns, which will override the selected option for that entity.

In fact, you need to make a general header with filters, bind specific values of the selected parameter to columns, and add drag and drop.

I strongly recommend not to limit yourself to four columns - this is very little!
I would like to dynamically load entity instances when scrolling through the list, but this option is additional.


I tried to set it up like that and i agree to everything.
Drag & Drop is a must.
Also loading tasks in several windows takes forever to load, so it seems that Kanban is not possible with Shotgrid at all :frowning:

Drag&Drop in this case would not work as each window has a filter and shows records based on that filter.

If you can let us into a bit of the workflow you are trying to use then maybe we can advise an alternate way?

Thanks Ricardo, really appreciated!
I’m trying to figure out a way to import a Kanban board similar to Trello to our Shotgrid project, so that Producers would have a good overview of tasks in a quick way, but so far my attempts have been very ammateur-ish as loading several task windows at once (even with filters) takes a long time to load.
I’ve figured out to setup several different standard filters on our Tasks page now, but the kanban method where i could quickly overview a task with 1-2 extra information bits, i haven’t quite figured out in Shotgrid yet.

So what is it about the above image that would not work for you?

And as mentioned in another topic, loading 2000 tasks is not going to work well unless the data you are loading does not need to make additonal database calls.
If you are trying to load 2000 records with thumbnails, statusses etc things are going to get slow and crashy.

I’m also not sure if that is the right way of seeing what you need to see as I don’t know how that would help someone.