Is ShotGrid TPN compliant?

TPN have not published their cloud app sec controls yet. There is absolutely no cloud product that is TPN compliant. Some of our competitors are confusing the market by getting TPN certified for their facilities (office) and then making public announcements that they have TPN certification. Their premises do but not their product.

However, Studios can pass the TPN Audit while using ShotGrid Cloud. In the last year, we have made improvements to our Shotgun in the cloud offering to facilitate that process. Customers using ShotGrid cloud products have successfully met the TPN security benchmark assessment. Most of the work involve making sure access to the internet is restricted to Shotgun.

Shotgun isolation feature set may facilitate that assessment, although it’s also possible to achieve this without enabling these features. We have several documents that help explain how customers can secure their infrastructure for usage with ShotGrid. Please refer to our Gateway, Proxy and IP Whitelisting documents for further details.