Invitation to test new ShotGrid feature: Expression-based Quick Search

To provide greater power and flexibility to ShotGrid users, the Production Tracking team is developing new Expression-based capabilities for Quick Search, and we’d love for you to test it!

Expression-based Quick Search allows users to use functions like AND, OR, NOT, “”, - , in order to optimize their search results.

Since this feature is still in active development, not all the desired features will be immediately available and some restrictions and caveats will need to be established.

If you’re interested in testing this new Expression-based Quick Search capabilities, please email me at and provide me with:

  • A contact name
  • The contact’s email address
  • The site address for the feature to be activated on

Testing is expected to begin Mon. Sep. 26 and we’re excited to have you be part of the first group to test this feature.

Thanks for your help.

Warren Trezevant, Principal Product Manager for ShotGrid