Integrating USD as a first class media type?

Hey folks.
I’m interested in what I can do to extend Shotgun so that it treats .usd/.usdc/.usda/.usdz files as first class media in Shotgun.

To me, that means I can generate thumbnails when they’re uploaded, I can put them in a playlist, and I can launch an app (usdview, Maya, Houdini) when an artist wants to.

I’m assuming some of this stuff is doable today, I just need a pointer to the right place in the developer doc, and some of it should be submitted for consideration on your roadmap.

My Shotgun knowledge is several years stale at this point, so if someone could point me the right places to educate myself, I’d be much obliged.

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Hi @drwave,

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for posting here.

The transcoding service converts material users upload into a placeholder version suitable for streaming playback and scrubbing. It also generates thumbnails of different sizes.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of supported codecs and formats suitable for transcoding.

That’s the basics Shotgun support suitably. Leave it here for forum wisdom and see if any workaround for USD formats.