Important Notice for End of April 2024 - End of Support for Qt4

Dear SG Community,

The ShotGrid team will start removing the compatibility with Qt4/PySide/PyQt4 from Toolkit repositories after April 2024.

The Qt company dropped the support of Qt4 in 2015. All the DCCs officially supported by Toolkit have supported Qt5 for several years now. For more information regarding supported DCCs & versions, please visit this link.

As we are introducing the support for Qt6/PySide6 to follow the CY2024 VFX reference platform, it is time for us to remove the compatibility with Qt4/PySide/PyQt4 for maintenance and security reasons.

Please note that this effort will have no impact on Qt5/PySide2. We are fully committed to maintaining support for Qt5/PySide2 while we are introducing support for Qt6/PySide6.

If your studio is still using Qt4/PySide/PyQt4, please migrate to Qt5/PySide2 or Qt6/PySide6 before May 2024. Similarly for ShotGrid Desktop, if you are still using a version prior to 1.6.1, please update as these versions used Qt4/PySide.


Q: What will happen May 1st 2024?

A: New versions of ShotGrid Toolkit components will be shipped with code that no longer supports Qt4/PySide/PyQt4.

If you are using tools or scripts using both Toolkit and Qt4, these tools will stop working once you update to newer Toolkit versions.

Q: Why are you discontinuing Qt4?

A: The Qt Company dropped the support of Qt4 in 2015.

To simplify the support routine in our team, we prefer to focus our energy on Qt5 and Qt6.

Q: I am using an old version of a DCC, will I be impacted?

A: If your DCC uses Qt4, yes you will be impacted.

All the DCCs supported by Autodek|ShotGrid (as you can find here) are on Qt5 or above.

Q: Iā€™m using a very old version of ShotGrid Desktop, will I be impacted?

A: The first version of ShotGrid Desktop shipping Qt5 was 1.6.1.

If you are using a version prior to this one, yes you will be impacted so we recommend updating to a more recent version.

Q: My studio is not using Qt4. Do we need to take action?

A: No, you will be safe.

Q: My studio has developed custom tools, will we be impacted?

A: If these tools have no UI at all, no, you will not be impacted.

If these tools are using a Qt UI using Qt5, no, you will not be impacted

If these tools are using Qt4, yes, you will be impacted.

Q: I need to continue using Qt4, what should I do?

A: We will not be able to support you anymore and our tools will stop working for you.

Q: Which versions of Qt/PySide are currently supported by ShotGrid Toolkit?

A: Qt5 and PySide2

PyQt5 might work but is not officially supported.

The team is working at adding support to Qt6/PySide6 in 2024.

Q: I updated and now everything is broken, what should I do?

A: This is not expected so please open a case with support and include all specific configuration details in the case.

Q: You mentioned Qt5/PySide2. But what about PyQt5?

A: PyQt5 might work but is not officially supported.