Reminder for end of April: EOL support for Qt4 and Python 2.7 (with some breaking changes)

Dear SG Community.

We still see many customers using Qt4 or/and Python 2.7 and we just want to make sure you are aware of this important date.

You can find the respective announces here for Qt4 and Python 2.7

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Is it a possibility you could email the admins of sites that you see use QT4/P27 from the metrics?

Hi @Ricardo_Musch, thanks for your feedback. The email adresses we store in our internal database tend to get obsolete very quickly so we stopped using them. We are currently reviewing how we can reach the admins for similar changes in the future.
FYI we also show a banner about Python 2 EOL to all admins on all sites.

I know a lot of studios that are struggling with the Py3 upgrade for many reasons but one is the lack of freelance SG pipeline developers left in the industry. A lot of folks have moved on from a dying platform. I suspect they will continue to use their pipelines in its current form without upgrading any. Its a sad state of affairs.

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Well put Scott.

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A python switch does not inherently have much to do with toolkit.
Any decent Python programmer should be able to migrate any apps and frameworks with minimal effort.

However I think the migration from Centos to Rocky + the python migration is what slows it down for various studios.

I know from experience a bunch of clients that are only just now managing to move from Python 2 to 3.
That is way late.
Likely exacerbated by the pandemic, the then onslaught of work and then the dry up of work.

I wouldn’t under estimate how much work it actually is. I thought it was easy until a recent string of clients I worked with making the switch. This is especially exacerbated if there is a lot of custom code in the pipeline or they are using the old Studio Tools (which a lot of studios are). Porting all those apps and framesworks over is considerable and I haven’t found a magic conversion script that handles all of the cases + Qt 5. Any decent Python programmer doesn’t necessarily know SG + TK (which has a steep learning curve).

Agreed, that moving Linux at the same time would be daunting!

Pipeline is usually something that studio management and execs tolerate and reluctantly accept because they know they need it, but there is usually no budget or time for it since Pipeline TDs aren’t shipping shots out the door. Lets wait until it all breaks or lets bank roll it on the next project… I mean the project after next… or the one after that… :person_facepalming:

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Thats what I mean, not inherent to toolkit necearily but all the custom stuff on top that makes it harder.
And usually lack of documentation and indeed, no investment in pipeline because “it sorta works”.