I can't change version name unique values

i remove all duplicate filed values version name
but i cant change version name ensure unique values per project option
shotgun message is " this filed can’t be made qnique because there are duplicate values. "
but duplicates is empty
check please

Hi @hanguil

Thanks for posting here :slight_smile: We’ll get you sorted.

So, when you try to enable the Ensure Unique Values option, if it notices there are existing records with duplicate names it should flag the following error


As part of that error, it should give you the option to view a page of duplicates.

Can you confirm, if your case, do you see the same error (and if you try to look at the duplicates, are you able to the page with duplicate records?

It may also be best to submit your Shotgun site url to support@shotgunsoftware.com so we can investigate your specific case.

Let me know how you get on and we’ll be happy to dig in further


i can viwe page, but empty . i will send url