Ensure unique values for a specific project - possible?

Hi all,

For a hypothetical example, I have three Projects in my Shotgun site.

  • Awesomesauce
  • Bananas
  • Crazypants

The Awesomesauce and Bananas Projects were set up without any unique value restrictions, and have duplicate Asset Names between them. Crazypants is new and has no Assets yet, and I want to configure the Asset Names field for that Project to be unique within that Project (and ideally for this to be the case going forward with any new Project).

I can’t configure the Asset Name field under the current system using ‘Ensure unique values per project’, because it attempts to do it across all Projects on the site and complains about Awesomesauce and Bananas Asset Name duplicates, which I don’t care about and don’t want/need to resolve.

Multiple Shotgun sites is not an option.

Any ideas?




To clarify a little further, I want unique values within a Project on a site, but not across all Projects on a site.

So Project Awesomesauce could have an Asset Name of ‘rocketship’, and no other Asset Name in Awesomesauce could be ‘rocketship’, but Project Crazypants could also have an Asset name of ‘rocketship’, and no other Asset Name in Crazypants could be ‘rocketship’.

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Hey @deanareeno—I don’t think this is possible, but let’s see if anyone else has some tips.

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Hey there, @deanareeno - Jonny’s correct. There’s no way right now, to implement unique values on a single Project - it’s a site-wide preference.
If you still want to enable that pref, one way to do this, would be to first export your asset list to excel, append the name of the asset, with the ID of the asset (so the names are unique) then import the updated asset names to Shotgun. Doing this will give you unique asset names in your projects, allowing you to set the unique preference.
Sorry there’s not a better answer here.