How to sort by Current Phase?

I currently have sprint phases setup, and want to sort my tasks according to the currently running sprint. I was under the impression that I can just setup a global filter that would sort something like “Current Sprint” and just aligns with what day it is today and to which Phase in the Project Timeline it corresponds to?
Why can’t i find this filter option?

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I’m not entirely sure here but as a workaround, could you set the Task Due Dates of the tasks associated with that sprint to the same day and the filter by day?

Or the priority of those tasks.

Under the hood one could automate this using a script, AMI, Webhooks or Event Handler.

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Sorting by Due Date or Priority would be interesting yeah!
Otherwise, maybe a bit manual, but changing the filter every monday to the currently running Spring Phase could also workout, if not taken over by a script already :smiley:

I believe (not able to check atm) the My Tasks page can be filtered in numerous ways and grouped by Due Date, Priority, status and Project.