How to Log-In

Hi, Have a log-in user and password but can’t figure out where the LOG-IN is. Seems simple, but I can’t figure it out. Any way to figure this hopefully simple task?

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Sorry I didn’t quite get you. Are you trying to log onto Shotgun? You are supposed to log onto Shotgun with your log-in and password, NOT your email. You may want to check this thread if you are required to reset password every time.

If not the case, you probably need to do some screenshots to show what you are seeing.


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i can’t actually find the LOG-IN button?
what site ? where IS it?
it keeps asking me to trial, but i want to log-in!

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Hi @empa,

Have you checked your email? Once you complete registering your site on Shotgun Software | Free Trial, you will get an email in your inbox. Click the link in your inbox, which will prompt you to the login site.

Actually, when you are registering your shotgun site, you are asked to choose a name for your site at the following step.

That’s the site you are using to access your Shotgun service.

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