How to create more custom entites than they already give you by default

Hi everyone! I’ve been trying to find how to add one or more custom entites to my shotgun. But the only info I have seen is how to enable the ones that shotgun already give you.

I assume that this is possible beacouse shotgun say in the entity description: “Currently you can not make new Entities via the UI, though that is planned in a future release”. So I assume that there has to be a way of doing that.


Hi Mario,

Did you find the CustomEntityX to enable and set up in the Site Preferences > Entities?


Hi Alefeve thanks for the answer.

Yea! The thing is that in my entities menu I only have six custom entites abalible to activate. I’m looking for a way to add more than that six custom entities.

For the capture you have upload. I see you have there a custom entity 23. How have you get to that? You have had to create it?


Here I show you my last custom entity abalible (the six one). By the text near the custom entity number (70 remaingin) I asume that maybe that amount of custom entities already exist but bacouse of some reason I can only see in my shotugun 6

Hey Mario,

once you enable a Custom Entity and give it a name the ui will refresh and you can make another one. (it will then say 69 remaining… etc)

The UI may be a bit clunky here since it would be great to have an add button instead, but you can definitely use all 70 (should you ever need to)

Ouuuuu that was a tricky one!

Yea that button would be great. May be a faster solution would be just to add that info to the entity description. In my case beacouse I have just arrive into a Shotgun enviroment that the rest of the team has been working I wanted to create just a new one.

So when I read in the description that custom entitys couldn’t be created from the ui I started to look how to create them but I couldn’t find any info all it said was how to use the ones that already existed, now I understand why :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for the tip!!

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