Change Icon for Custom Entity?

We’re using Shotgun to track some things for which I’m creating custom entities, and I realized too late (after I’d built a bunch of stuff), that the two Custom Entities I chose have icons that are WAY too similar in color to be easily distinguished, and if the item name is similar, it’s going to get confusing fast. Is there any way to change the icons on those custom entities?


This would be really useful!

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Thirded! :grimacing:

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Hi Folks,

Thanks for reporting this and for requesting this. I’m really sorry to say that unfortunately there is currently no way to change the icon of a custom entity after its creation. If the entities don’t have too much data in them yet you may want to utilise the .csv exporter to export the data, and then re-import it into the new entity

I’m totally with you though that theres a great case for being to change these icons on the fly. I’ll put in a feature request for this. For future feature requests, you can submit them directly into the public roadmap where your request goes directly to our product team, who will review your request and determine the next steps.

Apologies we don’t have a better solution in the meantime.



Can anyone be bribed to change the icon? I can offer up cute animal pictures and/or edible delicacies only available in the South, like Sister Shubert’s sausage rolls or boiled custard, which I am willing to ship anywhere in the world rather than having to rebuild these stupid things because I picked colors poorly. :sob: