How to check how configurations are getting used during bootstrapping and how can I set a specific configuration?

I am trying bootstrap my Shotgrid for Maya using script key method but I am facing issue

  • So basically I haven’t added any code to select particular configuration, so for default its taking
    Temporal_sync configuraiton even though its not one with the most recent id (or did i miss something)

  • Is there anyway I can set the primary configuration while bootstrapping

  1. I don’t have descriptor in primary
  2. Have more than one configuration with plugin-id basic.*
  3. I have tried setting up using dev descriptor as well but it still getting boostrapped using Temporal Sync config.

This is the script I am trying to use for bootstrapping

import os
import sys

username = os.environ["USERNAME"]
pth = 'Q:/pipelines/shotgun/tk-core/python'

import sgtk

def do_bootstrap(prj_id):

    authenticator = sgtk.authentication.ShotgunAuthenticator()

    # Create a user programmatically using the script's key.
    user = authenticator.create_script_user(

    mgr = sgtk.bootstrap.ToolkitManager(user)
    mgr.plugin_id = "basic.maya"
    mgr.base_configuration = "sgtk:descriptor:dev?windows_path=Q:\-------/sgtk-config"

    project_id = prj_id
    project = {"type": "Project", "id": project_id}
    engine = mgr.bootstrap_engine("tk-maya", entity=project)

    context = engine.context
    tk = engine.sgtk
    sg = engine.shotgun

    return sg

This has worked for me,

cfg_id = <your pipeline configuration id>
mgr.pipeline_configuration = cfg_id

Thanks a lot ! it helped me