How do I find my MAC HostID?

RV ships with a utility called tlm_hostid that will print your hostID for you. You can find it under $RV_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/bin/tlm_hostid. For example on Mac:

~ zalipya$ /Applications/
Possible host ids for this system:


In this case the hostid I care about is A4:F0:0B:A2:7R:71.


A couple other tips:

RV will allow a license to any of the addresses in the list generated by tlm_hostid. This is both useful, and, depending on your hardware, something to note.

For instance, if you have an external device that has a MAC address (such as a monitor with a built in network card), that will also show up on the list. If you want the machine to be licensed regardless of what is plugged in and you have these sorts of devices, be sure to pick an address from a device built into your computer rather than an external one.

Conversely, if you wish to treat an RV license more like a dongle (for instance, if you have various people going on-set and you wish to easily transfer the license between machines), licensing a USB network card, for instance, is a simple way to have a quick transfer license. Just install the license file on all machines that you might want to use, when the machine has the external network card, the license will be valid.

You can even add that license file to a floating license manager if you have one, and as you return back to your studio, you can plug your network card(s) into your license manager to effectively check them back in. It isn’t entirely seamless (it will take a restart of the license manager to check out or in one of those network cards) but it can certainly help in a pinch.