How do I find my config?

How do I find my config?

The first thing to consider is, have you run an advanced setup or configured toolkit to use a custom config via descriptors? If you haven’t then you are most likely using basic integrations and therefore don’t have a config.

However, in order to answer both of these questions, you can check your site. Just navigate to the default global page for PipelineConfiguration entities.

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If this page is empty then you haven’t created any advanced setups or descriptor based configs and so you must be using the basic integrations.

If there are entries here, you’ll need to find the one that applies to the project. If you know which project it is then you can show the project field and find the appropriate entries. If you don’t know the project you can see the paths to your configs.

The location of the config can then be found by checking the Mac Path, Windows Path, Linux Path, Descriptor and uploaded configs fields.

If the descriptor field may also contain a dev path, or a path to git.