How do I check the project activity


We have a few projects that we believe they are not been actively updated anymore, before archive these projects, is there a way to check the project activities to make sure no one is working the project and can be safely archived.



Hi @sinux :wave:, welcome to the forum!

Great question. I suggest navigating to the Project, and then through the Other dropdown in the Project Navigation, select Event Log Entries.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 9.08.57 AM

Here, you’ll see all the events (activity) on the Project, and can see all the metadata associated with an event, like who, when and a summary on what they did. Here’s some more information on Event Log Entries.

Also note that when you archive a project, it will be hidden from the UI, but you can still access it as an admin, and un-archive if there is an issue with users still needing access. When you archive, the:

  • Project is no longer visible in the Projects menu and search results
  • Records related to that project are no longer visible on Global Pages or from field auto-completion results

That said, as an admin, you can filter for archived projects and access them through the projects page. I mention this in hopes that it will ease your mind a little knowing that you’ll still have this kind of access and control after archiving. Here’s some more information on archiving.


Hi Shayna,

Thank you so much for the help, it’s a great help!

For archiving project, I tested to archive one test project, but it seems that I cannot find the archived project no matter how I filter the project page.

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Hi @sinux,

Just in case you missed the Saved filter on Project page. There is a saved filter which filtrates archived projects. You need to click on the saved filter named projects . See the gif below:

Ignore it if you have tried it out. You probably need to share with us your Shotgun URL via direct message if you still do not see the archived.



Hi Ben,

It’s good to hear from you and thank you for the tutorial, it helps.

Thank you


Thanks. Glad to know it helped!