How do I add hyperlink into my post?

I feel like this should be easy, but I would like to add hyperlinks into my Shotgrid’s post/comment

You can just paste a full url into the note which will make it into a hyperlink.

However Flow also supports Markdown so you can do it like this too:

Funnily enough this would also allow you to post gifs and memes :smiley:

It’s been a while since I last tried but if I could embed images and screenshots into my Notes/Tickets I probably would have by now, making me think this isn’t possible and only a subset of the Mardown is possible…

after some googleingand frustration over cached links in google linking to nothing…

SG specific docs do suggest this is possible - but I guess the caveat is the image needs to be hosted somewhere and you can’t use a URL of an exisiting SG Attachment as that URL is time sensitive. So yeah you are right, good for gifs and memes.

Like this

Just to continue off of this; is it only possible to create these kinds of links within notes, and have them as viable links from a detailed view of the note?

I was hoping that I might be able to simplify some navigation by having those links accessible from, say, an asset view. But it looks like when you query for the note, it shows you the markdown, and doesn’t allow you to access the link, outside of a copy/paste.

Thanks for this!

I dug more into Markdown and found how to do it here

Help | Formatting text fields with Markdown | Autodesk

Example Site

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Love a bit of markdown.

Off topic: there’s a great open source writing software uses it called obsidian. Also chrome extension to convert markdown to html