How can I keep the filter panel from loading after every selection?

Filter Panel: Multiple selections, one query

The Filter Panel is an amazingly powerful tool that allows you to zero in on information you need to find within a page with lots of results. It can take a while to to find what you need if you wait for new results to appear after every filter option is clicked. Luckily, there is a better way!

By holding the Command key (OSX) or Ctrl key (Windows/Linux) and clicking different filter options on and off, the query will not run (and therefore not refresh the page) until the key is released. This allows you to build a more complex set of filters in one set of mouse-clicks, and Shotgun will return one set of results.



I remember when I learned this trick in Production - total lifesaver! :heart_eyes:


One of my personal favourites! The time this has saved me over the years :slight_smile:


One of my favorite (but not very discoverable) tricks is using the Cmd (Mac) or Alt key (Windows/Linux) with the filter widgets in the filter panel.

Normally when you click one of the options in a filter widget, the page will refresh as it runs the query. If you need to check multiple options, that can lead to multiple page reloads as you check each option.

Instead, if you hold the Cmd/Alt key as you check boxes, the query will not fire until you release the key. This way you can check everything and run a single query.


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This was one of my favorite tips from our blog series: 30 tips in 30 days.
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