Houdini crashes in Shotgun tk File Open and File Save

I have a vanilla install of Shotgun Desktop v1.6.1 and Houdini 18.5.532 on macos 11.3. All the other Shotgun menu items work as expected but both the File Open and File Save cause Houdini to crash. The Houdini crash file doesn’t give me much insight other than a lot of Qt was being executed. The Shotgun log files aren’t giving me any insight either.

crash.untitled.kc_18293_log.pdf (52.4 KB) tk-desktop.log.pdf (308.2 KB) tk-houdini.log.pdf (89.4 KB)


I am curious about this, are there some known issues using Houdini and macOS 11 with Shotgun before I update my Mac?

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Same, are there any changes to how python is handled we should look out for. Also holding back on updating and buying newer hardware here.

Reverting to Catalina 10.15.7 resolved the problem. It is most disappointing that the install process did not alert to incompatible operating system.

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Have you been able to get this to work with MacOS Big Sur yet? I am also having this issue.