Hiero NukeStudio Collate does not work

Hi when doing a test with a vanilla tk-config-default2
I can not make Collate to work with the shotgun processor.
It always exports the two shots twice as if it was two separate shots.
I’m on Centos, tested with Nuke 10 and 12.

To be able to use shotgun collate, does the hiero own collate has to be turned on as well?

If hiero own collate does not have to be turned on, can I mix Shotgun Collate with read overrides?

The error that I have when trying to use shotgun collate is the following (note this error does not appear on Nuke12, but the behavior is the same, appears twice in the export queue):

ERROR 15:27:56.562:Hiero(8745): NukeShotExporter.taskStep
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/Nuke10.5v7/pythonextensions/site-packages/hiero/exporters/FnNukeShotExporter.py", line 801, in taskStep
    return self._taskStep()
  File "/usr/local/Nuke10.5v7/pythonextensions/site-packages/hiero/exporters/FnNukeShotExporter.py", line 1047, in _taskStep
    writeNodes = self._createWriteNodes(firstFrame, start, end, framerate, rootNode)
  File "/usr/local/Nuke10.5v7/pythonextensions/site-packages/hiero/exporters/FnNukeShotExporter.py", line 654, in _createWriteNodes
    task = hiero.core.taskRegistry.createTaskFromPreset(itemPreset, taskData)
  File "/usr/local/Nuke10.5v7/pythonextensions/site-packages/hiero/core/FnExportRegistry.py", line 706, in createTaskFromPreset
    return (taskType)(initDictionary)
  File "/media/vfxbox/SHOTGUN/configsDeluxe/demo__animation/install/app_store/tk-hiero-export/v0.5.3/python/tk_hiero_export/version_creator.py", line 129, in __init__
  File "/media/vfxbox/SHOTGUN/configsDeluxe/demo__animation/install/app_store/tk-hiero-export/v0.5.3/python/tk_hiero_export/collating_exporter.py", line 75, in __init__
  File "/media/vfxbox/SHOTGUN/configsDeluxe/demo__animation/install/app_store/tk-hiero-export/v0.5.3/python/tk_hiero_export/collating_exporter.py", line 173, in _buildCollatedSequence
  File "/media/vfxbox/SHOTGUN/configsDeluxe/demo__animation/install/app_store/tk-hiero-export/v0.5.3/python/tk_hiero_export/collating_exporter.py", line 437, in _buildCollatedSequence_nuke
    trackItemCopy = trackitem.copy()
RuntimeError: Copying only allowed on the main thread

Hi @macbeth,

Sorry, should have added a little more info with that link to the doc above.

The logic is outline in the doc, essentially the SG collate function is just a wrapper on the Hiero function, one thing to note is that cuts don’t work with collate.



Hi thanks! but it still does not work.
You can try and reproduce the bug with the config2
When you use the Nuke collate only one shot appears in the export Queue.
However using the Shotgun Collate will make the same shot appear twice in the export Queue.
It will render twice and overwrite the file destinations, it will however correctly make a nuke file with the reads inside, but is rendering twice thus taking the double time.



Hi MacBeth –

I ran this by the team, and we have a hunch as to what might be going on here.

The error you got implies that the process is trying to do the copy in a background thread, but copying is only supported in the main thread. It would be good to know whether you are using Frame Server (the Render With dropdown in the screenshot below):

Frame Server is the default, but unfortunately it’s not supported by our Nuke Studio integration.

Hey Sorry I haven’t had time to check this, I’ll come back with more info as soon as I can.