Hide all comp stuff from SG Toolkit

Hi gang, I have these two questions:

Can I stop comp/roto tasks showing up in Maya if they’re assigned to a VFX generalist?
Can I prevent all the related comp/roto folders being created in the shot root when a 3D task is started? (Or even better can it just make one step folder, when that step is started?)

The reason for this is, I’m just getting started with our first SGTK pipeline integration. We already have our own custom SG integration for Nuke, so I only want SG toolkit to ‘see’ 3D tasks.

I’ve hidden Nuke from the Desktop app, and I’ve done the schema and templates such that they put files neatly among our existing structures, but it’s also making comp task folders that are redundant. I figured I could put a visibility field on comp pipeline steps, and add a filter into the step.yml in the schema, but that would only stop folders getting created - I assume the tasks themselves would still be selectable in Maya.

In case it’s not already obvious, I’m kinda looking for a dummies guide. I don’t mind scripting a bit of python if it comes to that, but I’m having a hard time understanding what all that yaml in the config folder is doing. So if its got to happen in there, hold my hand a bit if you wouldn’t mind?

I figured this out so in the event anyone finds themselves here looking for the same answers they are…

How to stop comp and roto task showing in the My Tasks tab in Maya:

To customise the “File Open…” window edit the settings for tk-multi-workfiles2.
tk-maya.yml shows that the different contexts within Maya reference three different sets of settings for tk-multi-workfiles2. They are…


These three sets of settings can be found and edited in tk-multi-workfiles2.yml
For each of the three settings, change the default filter by adding the following lines:

- [task_assignees, is, '{context.user}']
- [step.Step.short_name, not_in, ['CMP', 'RTO']]

All the settings and defaults for tk-multi-workfiles2 can be found in…

Note 1: settings.tk-multi-workfiles2.launch_at_startup applies to all host DCC apps so it could be better to create and link to a Maya specific configuration e.g. settings.tk-multi-workfiles2.maya.launch_at_startup

Note 2: Rather than filtering for ‘CMP’ and ‘RTO’ I could add a field to all steps ‘hide_from_sgtk’ and filter on that instead.

How to stop all the step folders being created in the shot root as soon as a shot/asset is started:

Edit the step.yml file in the schema to add:
create_with_parent: false
Subsequently when starting a modelling task only the MDL folder will be created in the shot root

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