Hide certain tasks from artists in Shotgun File Open (tk-multi-workfiles2)

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Is there any way to hide the tasks that are displayed in the hierarchy of the Shotgun File Open (tk-multi-workfiles2) dialog when choosing which file to open? For instance, we have a setup like this for our modelling step - a Modelling task (that the artist should use to open, save and publish files to) and two approval tasks (internal and technical) that the artist should not use.

At the moment, when we publish, a Maya scene file is created which is basically a copy of the workfile, but it is published against the task it is opened under. In order to have the ability to open published scenes, they need to be linked to a task right?

So is it possible to hide certain tasks in the File Open dialog? If not, can anyone think of another way around this?

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Hi Rob

Would something like this work for you?

 - caption: Assets
    entity_type: Asset
    hierarchy: [sg_asset_type, code]
        entity_type: Task
        filters: [content, not_in, [approval_task_1, approval_task_2] ]
        link_field: entity
        hierarchy: [step]

You would need to modify your workfiles tab settings to include a filter on the tasks.



Yes that could be just the ticket! Is there any documentation for that filters option? I’d like to have it so that it does something like [content, does_not_contain, Approval] or similar.

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Not specifically for that option, but it is passing that filter string through to the SG API, so the SG API filter documentation applies here.
So not_contains is what you’re after. Though I’m not an expert on performant API queries a contains would likely be slower I think.

Edit spoke to @bouchep and he thinks that there would be no performance difference between the two.


Philip you genius.

Yep that worked a treat. For the record, the line I used was:

[content, not_contains, [Approval]]

Thanks for your help!