Help with marmoset viewer page integration

Hello all hopefully someone can help me out here. I was wondering about getting a marmoset viewer page set up in shotgun here at publish time. The idea is basically at publish time we render a mview file and html page which gets uploaded to shotgun so it can be seen and reviewed. Getting the publish system to publish the files we need is fine and I can even get those uploaded to a file/url field in shotgun, however, I don’t how I might set that up as an actual page in shotgun. Ideally the publish activity would show a thumbnail as is usually does and double clicking on it would take you to the generated marmoset html page with and embedded mview file or to the shotgun preview page which would have the embedded mview file. Anyone have an idea how I would set this up?


Hi @jkiser,

Very interesting question! Where are you storing the URL of your publish? Is it on a Published File entity? I’m not very familiar with Marmoset, but I have an idea how we can get a URL embedded in Shotgun based on a URL in another field.

In my example here I’m using the description field on the Published File entity, but you can use any custom text field.

First I put the URL into my text field, here I’m just using wikipedia:

Next, I’m going into design mode on my Published File and creating a new tab:

Then on this new tab I’m putting the field code of the description field in curly brackets so the contents of the field will get expanded:

Finally I save the page. Now on this “Embedded URL” tab on my Published File detail page I can see wikipedia.

This will all be predicated on the Marmoset URLs allowing embedding in other sites iframes. Do you think this might work for you?


Hello Brandon,

Thanks for the info that is helping some but still not quite there. So here is the issue. The html page generated by marmoset references a custom .mview file that needs to be located in the same relative path as the html file. I created two custom fields for the published file one called marmosethtml and one called marmosetmview they are file/url fields and I used the option to upload local file to those fields and everything gets up loaded. However it looks like they might not be in a relative path to each other so the html can not find the mview file. Also when I create the marmoset tab and assign the url to my html page I get the following error:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Error><Code>AuthorizationQueryParametersError</Code><Message>Error parsing the X-Amz-Credential parameter; the Credential is mal-formed; expecting "<YOUR-AKID>/YYYYMMDD/REGION/SERVICE/aws4_request".</Message><RequestId>EF06BB41D302BCD1</RequestId><HostId>0WNybFsjQoeo1tCjTicvXKY5qcuAoWU5/5CFTvPNjOmeweB8xZS16rP5NrKD47sbJ7/lTo3kxV4=</HostId></Error>

The error seems to indicate the credentials are not correct. Is the URL being generated have an auth key baked into them? Do those keys expire?

Here is the url thats generated I am not sure the mechinism for making these and don’t think I have any control over that. Any ideas?

URL removed by support.

The link include credential and expire time.


The unit of expire is second. for more detail, you could read this.

Hope this is helpful.


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Thanks, Joseph. I think I’ve misunderstood how marmoset works. Based on the link you’ve provided, that looks to be a file you’ve uploaded directly to Shotgun, is that correct? If so, links to media uploaded to Shotgun will expire after 15 minutes, so using it in the URL tab/widget I recommended wouldn’t be well suited here. The html would need to be hosted somewhere else in order for the URL technique to work.

I tried to be sneaky and push a direct link to a marmoset html into the viewer fields for the screening room player, but it can’t be displayed so it looks like the only way this would currently be possible is if the output html is hosted at a static address which could then be embedded.

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Auhh ok that makes sense here. Let me see what I can do about a hosted solution here.

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So I can confirm that hosting the html and mview file somewhere else does work. We have a few ways to do that for our purposes however it would be nice if there was some kind of built in solution in shotgun for cases such as these. Thank you so much for your help Brandon!