Help Shotgrid suddenly erroring crating folders

Hi, suddenly, from today when creating new shots and calling the code to create folders, we’re getting Tank errors:

“Critical! Could not update SG with folder data event log history marker. Please contact support. Error details: Uncaught exception! undefined method `include?’ for nil:NilClass”


“API create(): Write access to FilesystemLocation.entity is restricted to ‘Asset, Shot, Sequence’ data types, ‘Step’ data type is not supported.”

I get it from code, where I call:

tankObject().create_filesystem_structure(“Shot”, shot[‘id’])

But also from the web site, when I try to right click and create folders through Shotgrid Desktop.

Any ideas why this would suddenly start happening, seemingly on all jobs!


We had the same. But then it fixed itself. Looks like a bug on the platform side