New file - creation error

Hi guys,

while integrating 3de4, with shotgrid,
get this error while creating a new file , and yes the templates and the schema are all pointing to the correct place,

it creates all the folder structure , including the task ,while creating new task
in this case matchmove,

but complains when launching create new file from this task, it gives the following error,

i have also tried tank unregister_folders , nothing changes,

the templeates are as follows

        definition: 'sequences/{Sequence}/{Shot}/{Step}/work/3de4'
        definition: 'sequences/{Sequence}/{Shot}/{Step}/work/3de4/scenes/{Shot}_{Step}[_{name}]_v{version}.3de'

reckon missing something ,
any ideas , pionters would be great,


You’d have to take a look at some tracebacks in your logs to figure out exactly where this goes wrong.

What python version is your 3de running and is your tk-core and workfiles app up to date?

HI Ricardo,

tracebacks in the log does not give any more information other than this ,

Path cache syncing not necessary - local folders already up to date!
Uploading 5 path entries to ShotGrid...
Unable to resolve template fields after folder creation!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "pathTo/app_store/tk-multi-workfiles2/v0.13.1/python/tk_multi_workfiles/actions/", line 73, in execute
    self._environment.context, self._environment.work_template
  File "pathTo/app_store/tk-multi-workfiles2/v0.13.1/python/tk_multi_workfiles/actions/", line 110, in create_folders_if_needed
  File "pathTo/app_store/tk-multi-workfiles2/v0.13.1/python/tk_multi_workfiles/actions/", line 60, in create_folders
  File "pathTo/core/python/tank/", line 903, in create_filesystem_structure
    self, entity_type, entity_id, False, engine
  File "pathTo/core/python/tank/folder/", line 219, in process_filesystem_structure
    folders_created = io_receiver.execute_folder_creation()
  File "pathTo/core/python/tank/folder/", line 207, in execute_folder_creation
    path_cache.add_mappings(db_entries, self._entity_type, self._entity_ids)
  File "pathTo/core/python/tank/", line 1332, in add_mappings
    (event_log_id, sg_id_lookup) = self._upload_cache_data_to_shotgun(
  File "pathTo/core/python/tank/", line 519, in _upload_cache_data_to_shotgun
    "Critical! Could not update SG with folder "
TankError: Critical! Could not update SG with folder data. Please contact support. Error details: API batch() request with index 0 failed.  All requests rolled back.
API create() CRUD ERROR #6: Invalid field value, update failed [5 - Update failed for [FilesystemLocation.pipeline_configuration]: Value is not legal.]

the python version is all set properly , using 2.7 with the core python and workfiles are up to date,

when lauching shotgrid desktop , and launching 3de4 , it complains about this
tde4_mhp_frontend: couldn't resolve host

and on subsequent tries this error about couldnt resolve host does not appear ,
not sure why this would break,

because every other dcc is using the same core python used for this DCC

This is your actual error.

If you turn on debug logging, does it give some more info about what it tries to update?

debud logging does not give any error

Sorry you mean when Debug Logging is on it works as expected?

If not, I just meant that debug logging may tell us what data its trying to update with through the API.

turning on debug logging does not produce any error messages,
the tracebacks i get are from the software and the error logs

this is a bit wiered ,
in the actual home folder log,
it gives me this error,

tk-framework-shotgunutils] Task Manager: Task [10, G:7, P:None] _task_resolve_sandbox_users - failed: _task_resolve_sandbox_users() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

not sure if this is a permission issue or something, very unlikely i am admin user ,
upon further search came across this
looks like i am loosing connection or something

In that case I would for the moment not use User Sandboxes and see if that resolves the issue.
Then at least we know ehere it comes from.

well now all the dccs are failing to create new file , which means its loosing connection or some sort not sure

again would really need to see the logs to be able to see whats going on.

HI Ricardo,

its working fine,
from what i can tell , its lost connection with folder sttructure & shotgrid,
from our end at the company propablly a lost connection

A bit of info , which i had to go through,
not related to the earlier errors,

a note for anybody else , for 3DE4 ,
and running shotgrid you would have to use core python and not thier wrapper call ro run_3DE4,
which uses their python modules which does not use pyside or pyqt

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You could also install PySide2 with 3dde python interpreter I think.
That is what needs to be done for the blender integration