Half an Hour Variance while we export to csv in DateTime field


when I try to export to CSV, the DateTime filed shows exact half an hour variance.
Say, For a particular task the Completion is 10/08/2021 20:15, but when I export to csv it shows 10/08/2021 19:45
What could be the reason?


Hi @YogeshManey

Do you have a browser plugin that influences the timezone of the browser ?
Are you exporting from the More -> Export ... to Excel (CSV) or via another mean or via the API ?

Perhaps a few screenshots would help,


SG Snapshot 2

Thanks, Patrick,
I’ve attached the screenshots. Checked with other browsers too. No, I am not using any API just following More → Export …to Excel (CSV)

—Yogesh Maney

Hi @YogeshManey

The Actual Start Date and Actual Completion Date are not standard fields for tasks. So it is difficult for me that provide any infos, as I have no ideas how these were created and what specificities they have.

Can you perhaps talk to the person who created those fields and ask them about the time deltas ?

There is surely an explanation for that, unfortunately it is difficult for me to help,