Granting SG library project permissions to all users

Several of our studio’s SG projects are intended to be used as persistent shared libraries for reusable assets and 2D elements. Since library projects like this appear to be common practice, what common solutions are there for granting read permissions to all artists? Manually assigning library projects is of course an option, but this is easily forgotten or missed in the onboarding process. Some ideas that come to mind:

  • SG event trigger or webhook to auto-assign library project
  • custom permissions rule opening up library project(s) to all users

Does anyone in the hive mind have any elegant/proven solutions?

It might not be best practice but we just have a set of template (deactivated) users, when a new user needs to be made we just dupe the template, change the details and activate it.
It’s a low tech but fairly foolproof solution

Webhook that adds the person to the necessary projects when they are activated.
(One could add more triggers of course).

This is exactly a situation that Webhooks where invented for.

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