Gltext memory leak

Using gltext seems to cause a memory leak issue.
I provided an example mode that creates a watermark using gltext that shows the issue, however it seems to also happen with the Color Inspecter tool shipped with Openrv (uses gltext). Memory usage of RV will continue to increase causing RV to slow down and or eventually crash.

copy provided ttf file to /var/tmp/
install provided RV package
Launch RV
Open provided image sequence ‘smaple_image.1-10#.jpg’
Play 10 frames in loop playback
‘top’ cmd shows RES stable around 1121M
hit ‘o’ hot key to toggle ‘memoryleak’ mode
‘top’ cmd shows RES steadily increases over time. (116.5 KB)


Hi Oscar,

I wanted to let you know that I had a look at it yesterday and I could see the problem thanks to the package you have provided. I will find the time to try again with the Color Inspector. It looks like there is an issue, but since I didn’t see the same behavior that was seen with your package, I just want to have a deeper look into it. I will log the issue soon in our database and we will triage it with the team.

Also, thank you so much for taking the time to create that package and for the repro steps! It is really appreciated.


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