Gaffer | Shotgrid Toolkit Engine Released

Hi ShotGrid Community,

I’ve just made public the repo for the integration of Shotgrid with Gaffer:
tk-gaffer repository

It has been developed and tested in Windows 10 using Gaffer version 0.59.0-0.60.7. I’m sure there will be some adjustments to make to use it for other operating systems. Note that it has not been used in production, so the usual disclaimer about use at your own risk applies. As always, feedback and/or contributions to the repo are very much welcomed.

I’ve implemented the hooks for all the default tk-apps. From standard workfiles, use of scene and image readers for the loader, to the publishing of Gaffer scenes. You can read more about what is supported in the README file of the repo. Depending on your pipeline/workflows requirements you might want to modify/tweak the hooks accordingly.

The config folder within the repository contains the changes to apply to your tk-config-default2 environment yml files, templates, engine_locations.yml , etc… to have all the tk-apps configured and working.

Take a look at the README for detailed instructions on how to get the engine up and running and more information about implementation details.

A shout out to Eric Mehl for his continuous effort with the Windows version of Gaffer.

Finally, I would love to hear if you end up using the integration in any production!