Freeze Frame

My question seems a bit similar to this one about held frames:

Except that in my case, instead of holding past the end of a clip, I want to be able to hold a frame in the middle of a movie for x frames, never showing the other frames in the movie. I was hoping I could be clever and do something like set and cut.out to be the same value, and then open up the sequence EDL to the length I wanted it to show for. So if I want to see frame 110 for 20 frames, I could set = 110
cut.out = 110
and the sequence edl in/out for the clip to be 101 & 200.

But it appears, with a rough test, that opening up the EDL just ignores the and cut.out values. So wherever there are valid frames in the movie, it ends up playing those, even if I cropped the RVSource node to a single frame.

Does that make sense, and is there something obvious I’m doing wrong, or a different way I could go about this?

Another possibility I’ve been thinking may be necessary would be to write a custom GLSL shader, but that seems like overkill for something fairly straightforward-sounding like this.


I actually think I found a way to do it that’s pretty straightforward, using the RVRetime nodes in the RVSequenceGroups!

set to 1
set explicit.inputFrames to the single frame you want to see, eg 187.
set explicit.firstOutputFrame to a frame in your frame range, like 101 (though it doesn’t really seem to matter what number you use, if you’re just mapping the one frame to it).

And then I guess you also need to set the Sequence EDL range for that clip to be the length you need it to hold.