Folder creation - How to ignore case sensitivity?

Is there a way to ignore case when folder creation runs?

Sometimes our shotnames get mistakenly made into lowercase when they where upper case or the other way around.
Currently this breaks folder creation as the registered path was in another case.

As we are on Windows case sensitivity in paths is non existent so it shouldnt breaks folder creation for us.


I’ve hacked the core hook

Where it returns the folder-name, just return str_value.lower()

I make no promises that this doesn’t break everything else horrifically!


Im going to try that!

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I ended up modifying the in tk-core to do this. I don’t think I ever submitted a pull request, but here’s my fix.


Has there been any official development on this?

Windows does not care about case sensitivity but Shotgun breaks when we rename a Shot from lowercase to uppercase or the other way.

Any official method to make it care less would be grand! :slight_smile: