SG toolkit: controlling casing on schema folders and toolkit templates

Our production team has historically upper-cased our asset types like “Environment”, “Character”, “Prop”, etc… Thing is, we would really prefer these appear lower-cased upon folder creation: “environment”, “character”, “prop”, etc… This seems like it would be an easy solve, but it turns out to be more challenging than I thought. The toolkit folder creation schema has the ability to apply regular expressions to these strings to extract substrings, but none that I’m aware of to do any upper-to-lower-case substitution. The obvious solution instead seems to be using the “” core hook the intercept the folder names and apply the rename there. This works fine were it not for the fact that the toolkit templates and folder schemas don’t intercommunicate and we need to represent the template asset root on disk with the same lower-cased asset type. Again, the toolkit template keys have the ability to apply regex and extract substrings, but no obvious way to do upper-to-lower case substitution and in this instance, no hooks to call to handle the rename.

I imagine this is a common problem. Anyone out there had any success implementing this?