Finding software installed in custom locations

[This post is part of a series of articles about working from home in Shotgun.]

When auto-detecting software, Shotgun Desktop looks for software installed at the default location for most products. This can become an issue if some of your users have run out of disk space and have installed those products on secondary drives. Fortunately, you can update the Software entities in Shotgun to add those custom locations for each user.

First, click on the user icon at the top right of the Shotgun website and select the Software menu.

You can then duplicate the software entry for the particular product you wish to add a special location for. To duplicate it, right-click on the appropriate software entry and select Duplicate Selected. Once duplicated, you should

  • Fix the Software Name field.
  • Update the User Restriction field to assign the user to that software entity so only they see software in Shotgun Desktop and Shotgun Create
  • Enter the full path to the software’s executable in the Windows/Mac/Linux Path column
  • Upload an icon so it looks good inside Shotgun Desktop.

If you wish to learn more about how to configure software launches, click here.