Filtering Based on Query Field

Hi All,

I know this might still be a feature that is waiting to be implemented, but is it possible yet to Filter based on Query fields?

I am importing cuts using the Import cut tool and then i have a query field that if the version belongs to a cut it, it will display it in the Query field.

What i really want to be able to do is setup a page that filters for Query field = “Blank”

Possible with a work around?


Hi @Yeoman ,

I agree that filtering Query fields would be awesome.

As a workaround, I think you may be able to do a filter like this:

This will return only versions, that aren’t linked to a Cut. This assumes, of course, that the “Cuts” field is filled in your SG after using the Import Cut Tool.



Hi Martin,

This is very useful, when i try this with “Cuts” it doesn’t work - i suspect the Cut Name is not there. When looking in the Media section of ShotGrid I see the field as “Cut Name” that has the cut name i’m looking to filter out.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for your help!