Filter widget sorting

Is there a way to sort the order of the filters selection widget to descending based on the episode/shot/sequence? Currently it orders everything by the how many episodes/shots/sequences which makes it hard to find your needed fitlers

I think this is still currently impossible - because of the “smart” aspect of the filters they don’t go in numerical order. I get around this by creating saved filters in numerical order on frequently-visited pages. Another workaround is to search for what you want instead of looking on the list, i.e., type “sc09” into the search bar if that’s the thing you want and it’ll pop right up for you to filter from.

ok thanks. Ya I created a page with sorted and grouped data which works decently using the quick filters. but not ideal

Yeah it would definitely be nice to have an option for things to always display in alpha order instead of by…density? I don’t know how to phrase that but you know what I mean. Seems like even when you start filtering having the results display that way could happen.