Example bid documents for Drednots project

I’m running through the tutorial videos for ShotGrid for Film and Animation. In one of the videos it is demonstrated that you can import spreadsheet bid data into ShotGrid. The subsequent videos manipulate the data that has been imported. Is this data available somewhere so I can follow along with the tutorials?

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Not sure, however you could create a set of shots, assets and tasks linked to them and then export the csv from ShotGrid to see how thats formatted.

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@clint.thorne and @Ricardo_Musch,

Thanks for asking about this! The files are available via our documentation here.

You can download all material we use for the series to follow along, or if you are just looking to use the spreadsheet, you can download the gs-film-anim-spreadsheet-breakdown.zip specifically.



This is exactly what I needed.
Thank you! @shaynad

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