EventLogEntry for software launching

(This was a question originally, and is changed as a discussion of a feature request)

Feature Request: EventLogEntry for Software Launching

This data is useful for answering Developers and Project Admins the following questions:

  • How often the new project config has been tested by team members
  • How frequent a certain DCC is used by different departments
  • Have the team members changed to use the new version of software.

Orignial Question


Hey @danielwong—no event is created upon launching a DCC as there’s no real change in the data stored in the system by that action.

We have discussed and heard a few requests for creating an event when launching an Action Menu Item (AMI), but first applied to a DCC.

Makes sense to me—could you submit your idea (with some details on why it’d be helpful for you) to our roadmap and feature request portal please?


Hi Johnny,

I’ve submitted to Shotgun Roadmap, the URL you’ve provided. For the feature request portal, I can only find a page which seems to be abandoned. I’ve instead added a #feature tag to this post and modified the post a bit.