EventLog. ERROR - No display_name

Hi, community!

There are myriads of new errors in our SG-instance event log. Any entity created within SG-WebUI or Desktop integrations (f.e. Flame Export app) are marked as an error. For example:
“User ABCD created new Published File ERROR - No display_name” or “User ABCD created new Sequence ERROR - No display_name” and so on and so forth. Every new entity goes directly “ERROR”. Does anyone has a clue what’s wrong? Has anyone same issues?

Here is an screenshot of all available fields on seqeunce creation. I do not see anything labeled like “display name”

Ahhhh! I see a pattern, which starts to make sense for me. The first ever event log with the error mentioned above is on the 14th of july 2021. Two days after you’ve updated the sg-python-api to v3.3.1
Looking at my dev environment I see, that I’ve pulled the v3.3.1 on 14th of july…

So, is there a “one more thing” that was broken in the period of forced migration? Like here?


Am I the only person, who has such problems? Can somebody please check event logs for “ERROR - No display name” messages?

I can confirm we see these as well, but it’s not something new, just something I never questioned.

Shotgun_{ENTITY_TYPE}_New throw these as the summary description, then a following Shotgun_{ENTITY_TYPE}_Change seems to set the code field or equivalent I assume which then populates whatever maps to name key that is returned in entity queries. Don’t quote me but I can see the backend of the New event doing something like:

description = '{} created new Published File {}'.format(script_user['name'], entity['name'])

and that then leads to the result of entity['name'] as ERROR - No display_name perhaps?

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Hi, thanks for the respond! It’s funny, cuz I cannot find anything about this error out there on the global WWW :smiley:

Some feedback from SG team would be great!

SG Devs, please respond.
Waiting moths for a support ticket respond is just not an option.

Please, are there any opinions on that topic “out there”?

Hi, community. If some one has the same issue - I’ve got some kind of respond from Autodesk. It’s ridiculous, but still better, than knowing nothing and waiting for a month for nothing. Here is a small quote:

I followed up and I can confirm that the internal issue is already logged, the current status is unresolved and it is waiting and it is in the backlog. What I can also see is that our engineers managed to reproduce the issue and confirm that it is not a recent regression, but unfortunately at this point, we are unable to give an ETA for the fix.
With that, I would also Close this case with the status- Change request as in Salesforce we don`t keep the bug cases open as in Zendesk, but you can always reach out and open a new case to ask for the updates of this bug.