Error on creation of project

when trying to create a new project, this massage appears:

create failed (reason_code 6): Create failed for [Project]: Invalid condition for page, can’t add a project condition.

anyone know what is it?

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Think this was a bug that got fixed yesterday:


We are still having this problem on our site as well :confused:

It happens whenever we try to create a new project using a template. Some templates trigger this error and some don’t, we haven’t managed to pipoint why exactly yet.

What we do know is that we could create projects based on a certain default template for our studio before, and now we can’t do it anymore.

Any ideas here?


Hey Nathalia,

I would in this case create a support ticket.
Also make clear that this worked previously and since a recent update seems broken.
That way it will get into the right hands quickly.

Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Hi Ricardo!

Thanks for the reply, I created the ticket yesterday and they are looking into it

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Hi, everyone!

We managed to figure out the issue on our side: apparently we had a widget on a canvas page inside our template project that is not supported anymore (?) and was causing the error.

The widget was this one:

Deleting the widget fixed it.

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