Duplicate Tasks Permissions not found


Currently in our SG only Admin’s are able to duplicate tasks, none of the other permission groups. I would like the Managers group to be able to duplicate tasks but I cannot seem to find any modifiable permission in the People Permissions section to do so. Is this a baked in permission that is not modifiable? Is there a way to change this if it is baked? Thanks!

Hi jrotharmel,

I’m not totally sure about this. But it may be, that another permission is blocking your manager-group from duplicating a task. Make sure, that your permission group, can Create tasks and has Edit right on all mandatory fields. If that’s the case, I think duplicating a task should work.

If you are familiar with python, try to use the python-api as a manager and create a task. It should then raise a CRUD-error telling you the permission-role, that is blocking.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately we do not at this time have anyone for python-api.
I have Admin permissions and I can duplicate tasks, but searching within both permission roles I wasn’t able to find anything talking about the Duplicate task permissions. Any other ideas? Thanks a lot for your help