Duplicate Shot doesn't duplicate all tasks

Is there a special mojo I need to do to copy a shot that has modifications to task names and/or extra tasks not on the shot template?

Right now it seems to copy the shot but reset the copied version to default settings.

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Hi Chad,

Do you copy the shot on web ui or through API? Could you share more background what you are doing?



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Hi Loney,

I used the Duplicate Shot function in the web UI. Below are screen captures to show the steps I followed.

I first created a shot that has a template to create some default tasks. Then I added a new task and also changed the name of an existing task for that shot. Then I selected the shot and chose Duplicate Shot from the pop-up menu.

As you can see, the copied shot is missing the added task, and the task with the changed name has been reset back to its default name.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Chad,

I think I can explain here. With the “Duplicate selected” function, it will only work for the single entity that the page is set for, in your case the Shot entity. Because you have a Task Template on that Shot entity it will also create the tasks that are set in that Task Template, which unfortunately will not reflect and changes you have made to the linked tasks and only do what is defined in the template.

There is not really an easy way to replicate multiple entity types with the duplicate method, your only options are to either update your task templates with changes so it will pick it up, or to manually duplicate the tasks on a task grid page, and link them to the duplicated shot.

Hope that helps explain it!


Thanks @DavidMason, that does clear up the confusion a bit. I think we were trying to avoid setting up another task template for a duplication that was sort of a one-off (or a few copies at most). Your workaround to manually duplicate the tasks and re-link should work, if a bit of a convoluted way to make a copy of a shot.

I have so say that this makes for a semi-sketchy user experience when you see a shot, ‘duplicate’ it (with the general understanding of the meaning of duplicate) and wind up with a shot named (copy) which isn’t an actual copy of the shot. Do you see what I mean? It can also lead to very unexpected results if the original shot was heavily modified from its template.

We are all new to SG and still wrapping our heads around entities, shots, tasks, etc. I guess we thought a basic logic would apply that if we see a shot with certain tasks associated with it, and want to make a copy, it would work as (we) expected. But it sounds like tasks and shots are more abstracted from each other than that.

It would be really great to have some sort of option to do a ‘Duplicate w/ Linked Tasks’ or something like that, which would help match the visual logic of what we are seeing with what we want to do.


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BTW, I noticed that you have something on your roadmap to more easily create task templates from an existing group of tasks. That certainly would help for creating task templates. (although I’d still love to simply copy a shot with whatever tasks are linked to it)