Double LUT OS X Ventura / apple silicon

Still getting everything setup on my new M2 Mac, and deciding whether to keep it. So far, mostly good, but I’m finding a few things which are worse, and not sure whether it’s apple silicon or just Ventura, which I’m not overjoyed with (had no choice with the new Mac).

One thing I seem to be finding is my RV display doesn’t feel quite right (using OCIO). Everything feels a bit more contrasty and darker, kind of like what you get with ‘double LUT’.

Re-calibrated the screen (2d icc only sadly) just incase, but didn’t really resolve it.
And then to make matters worse the display names are blank too so not ideal with dual monitors.

Anyone using Ventura and finding any display weirdnesses? (RV or otherwise). QuickTime/Photoshop/lightroom/Nuke all seem ok and as expected, so I’m guessing it is RV-specific. But these things are hard to diagnose 100% and I’m no colour scientist and don’t have tech resources as I’m independent.