Customize tk-multi-breackdown

Hello evryone,

I try to customize the “tk-multi-breackdown” in order to manager published custom houdini hda.

What is the best way to do it?

I tried to modified the tk-multi-breackdown.yaml in my project_config folder ("…/env/includes/settings/tk-multi-breackdown.yml")

here is my key settings:

houdini custom
hook_scene_operations: ‘{config}/tk-multi-breakdown/basic/houdini/’
location: “

Back inside houdini, my tk-multi-beackdrown app is still looking for the default shotgrid package hook.

If you have any idea.

Thanks a lot

Mathieu N.

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Never mind I found the solution

add in tk-houdini.yaml settings the tk-multi-breackdown.

Sorry for this.

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