Custom Entity Creation Without Using Older NPEs

After release 8.23 where they added 30 new NPEs (which is excellent!), I’ve got a weird new problem: I can’t create entities unless all previous ones are active. I can’t activate NonProjectEntity08 unless -07 is already in play, for example.

We have some deprecated entities, which means that I can’t create a new NPE without bringing those deprecated NPEs back online. I also can’t create more than one at once (because the newly available entity only appears after saving the previous one, which refreshes the page). Also, it means that we can’t choose the icon that is most intuitive for the entity. Is there a way to circumvent this or am I doing this wrong?

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Hi @jess.south,

We’ve made changes recently to the way CustomEntities are handled in the Site Preferences. You can read all the changes in the post below: